Argyrosomus Regius


Greek name: Κρανιός
Scientific Name: Argyrosomus Regius
Market Name: Meagre, Maigre
French Name: Courbine
German Name: Umber
Italian Name: Ombrine/ Umbrina
Spanish Name: Corvina
Common Name: Meagre, shade-fish, corvina, salmon- basse or stone basse

a fresh farmed meagre fish in a black background

Cooking methods


Cooking tip

Meagre is usually baked in the oven with vegetables. A meagre fillet can also be marinated and cooked in a grill pan. Olive oil, garlic, salt, white pepper and some lemon juice is all it takes to make a delicious meal.

Weight classifications

600-800 (gr.)
800-1000 (gr.)
1000-1500 (gr.)
1000-2000 (gr.)
2000-3000 (gr.)
4000-5000 (gr.)
5000-6000 (gr.)

Available forms

Fresh, chilled on ice
Gutted and scaled/fillet

Nutrition values per 100gr

Blue arrow showing downwards

Meagre is a good source of high quality protein. It is rich in vitamin B12, Omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorus, potassium and other micronutrients. This makes it a healthy and tasteful addition to a balanced Mediterranean diet.

Meagre belongs to the Sciaenidae family. It has a relatively big head with an elongated body. Meagres are widespread all over the Mediterranean Sea. They can grow up to 2 m in length and reach >50kg.

A farmed Greek meagre fish