Pagrus Major


Greek name: Φαγκρί βραχύπτερο
Scientific Name: Pagrus Major
Market Name: Pagrus/Pagrus Major/Red Sea Bream
French Name: Dorada del Japon
German Name: Seabrasse
Italian Name: Pagro Maggiore
Spanish Name: Pagro Rosado
Common Name: Pagrus/Red Sea Bream/Fagri/Pagro

Fresh farmed red porgy fish on ice with lemons and herbs around it

Cooking methods


Cooking tip

Pagrus is usually cooked in the oven, stuffed with vegetables and seasoned with garlic.

Weight classifications

200-300 (gr.)
300-400 (gr.)
400-600 (gr.)
600-800 (gr.)
800-1000 (gr.)
1000-1500 (gr.)
1500-2000 (gr.)
2000+ (gr.)

Available forms

Fresh, chilled on ice
Gutted and scaled/fillet

Nutrition values per 100gr

Blue arrow showing downwards

Pagrus is an excellent source of high quality protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It contains a considerable amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B6. An important addition to a balanced diet.

Pagrus, the red seabream, is a fish species in the family Sparidae. It is easily recognizable due to its blue-spotted, reddish back and silvery-pink color on its sides. It lives in open waters, near the seabed and on different types of beds (stony, sandy or Posidonia beds), in depths that range from 30 to 250 meters. In Greece Pagrus is considered to be one of the most delicious fish.

A farmed Greek red porgy fish